Carte géographique représentant l'emplacement des pannes et interruptions dans le réseau d'Hydro-Québec.
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Service interruptions reported by region

Number of interruptions and customers without electricity by region:

Table showing the number of customers without electricity by region.
Region Interruptions Customers without electricity
Abitibi-Témiscamingue 1 168 customers out of 83 858
Bas-Saint-Laurent 0 0 customer out of 126 365
Capitale-Nationale 0 0 customer out of 442 336
Centre-du-Québec 45 2 562 customers out of 146 892
Chaudière-Appalaches 2 14 customers out of 256 985
Côte-Nord 0 0 customer out of 48 937
Estrie 145 17 991 customers out of 192 098
Gaspésie - Îles-de-la-Madeleine 0 0 customer out of 58 900
Lanaudière 2 10 customers out of 269 869
Laurentides 13 719 customers out of 369 594
Laval 2 39 customers out of 200 458
Mauricie 0 0 customer out of 170 997
Montréal 10 622 customers out of 1 089 025
Montérégie 218 24 680 customers out of 724 496
Nord-du-Québec 0 0 customer out of 23 438
Outaouais 21 2 691 customers out of 228 367
Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean 1 13 customers out of 134 918
Across Québec 460 49 509 customers out of 4 567 533

Updated at 4:46 p.m.

This figure represents the number of equipment failures or incidents that have caused power outages on the Hydro-Québec grid and includes scheduled outages for system maintenance.

This figure represents the number of customers who are without electricity out of the total number of customers served by Hydro-Québec in a given region, regional county municipality (MRC) or municipality. The information does not take the number of people in each household into account. Consequently, the total number of people affected by a service interruption is higher than the numbers in the chart.

Terms of use

The information provided by the power outages information service is approximate. It is presented based on the time zone to which the device is set.

Under no circumstances shall Hydro-Québec be held liable for any use of or inability to use the information on the maps or service status by region report. It is the responsibility of local occupants to protect their property.

While Hydro-Québec updates the information on outages and planned service interruptions on the maps and in the service status by region report, it cannot guarantee the accuracy or content of this information, including when service is expected to be restored.

Certain outage areas may not be listed on the maps. The areas identified on the maps and the time when service is expected to be restored are approximate, as is the rest of the information (cause, number of customers without power, etc.).

The service status by region report indicates the number of customers without power in each region of the province. It includes the power outages and scheduled interruptions that are currently underway. Unlike a power outage, which is unplanned, a planned service interruption is an intentional interruption of service for a set period of time for system maintenance purposes.

All persons must take the necessary steps to mitigate damage that may be caused by a planned service interruption or power outage.

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